Life at 50°C: Extreme heat and Mexico’s struggle for water – BBC Newsnight

In the run up to the COP26 UN Summit, we’re exploring how people are adapting to rising global temperatures through our series Life at 50°C. What happens when the water dries up in Mexico? Please subscribe HERE

Climate change is causing once-mighty rivers to dry up and temperatures to rise to deadly levels in Mexico.

In Mexico’s Sonoran desert, many towns struggle for water and the River Colorado has not followed for decades.

In Rio de Colorado village, the river has not flowed for decades.

This series, Life at 50°C, has been produced by BBC News Arabic.

We’ll be bringing you more films over the coming weeks from around the world about how people in both in the developed and the developing world are adapting and managing with rising global temperatures.

The series culminates during the COP26 UN Summit, which begins 31 October 2021.

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