Here’s Why Top CEOs Make 100x More Than Their Workers

In 2020, CEOs of the top 350 firms in the US made $24.2 million, on average.

The CEO-to-worker pay gap has expanded exponentially over the past several decades. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that CEO compensation has grown 1,322% since 1978, while typical worker compensation has risen 18%.

The Institute for Policy Studies estimates that 80% of S&P 500 companies pay their CEO over 100 times more than they pay their median worker. That means it would take 100 years for the average employee at one of these companies to earn what their CEO makes in a year. And yes, that is physically impossible

This kind of inequality is creating anxiety for families across the country and across the political spectrum. According to Pew, a majority of Americans think future generations will be financially worse off.

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Here’s Why Top CEOs Make 100x More Than Their Workers

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